What’s a Ballyhoo?

Answer: [bal-ee-hoo]

A clamorous and vigorous attempt to win customers or advance any cause; blatant advertising or publicity.

Sounds about right, eh Nashville? Except in this case, we’re attempting to win donations and advance the cause of Nashville’s growing advertising community. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave your couch to do it.

By participating in the auction, a bidder can stretch their budgets further and maybe try that digital outdoor they’ve been eyeing. Bid on everything from broadcast advertising time, newspaper and magazine ad space, creative and media services to signed memorabilia, local food gift cards, local wine & liquor, clothing, art, media, branding services, gift baskets, Titans / Predator tickets and even vacation packages.

The auction opens Wednesday, Dec. 11th and closes Friday, Dec. 18th.

Items are being added daily!

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This year’s auction will support Nashville’s advertising practitioners and students with dollars for engaging events, educational content, scholarships and so much more.


AAF Nashville is a non-profit organization for advertising professionals in the middle Tennessee area. Advertising, marketing, design, and communications firms of all sizes are represented on our membership list, as well as industry-related suppliers and national corporations with Nashville offices.